• Ask the Vet: What Should My Pup Chew On?

    Posted on July 7, 2015 by Dr. Natasha Kassell in Ask the Vet, chew toys, dogs, Nutrition.

    I’m a big fan of little round soup bones (beef) for small dogs and bigger beef bones for bigger dogs. Downsides: dogs can break teeth on them, and the marrow is very fatty. That said, the marrow is also super nutritious and chewing on bones helps keep teeth clean. So, if your dog doesn’t have weight issues and doesn’t get diarrhea from them, I say let her eat bones. Of course, you can always scoop the marrow out and give your pup the bones marrow-free. She’ll still love them.

    Other good options for chewing are elk antlers and water buffalo horns. (I very much hope that the rest of these animals are used for something worthwhile and that these chew treats are by-products that would otherwise be chucked.)  Pig feet are also good. If cooked, make sure they don’t have nasty preservatives. Or, if you can stand the mess factor (which is formidable), go raw. But know that pig feet, like soup bones, have a lot of fat and can cause an upset belly.

    For many dogs, including my dog Dosewallips, chew toys are important not only for nutrition, but for emotional health, as well. There are so many options, including preservative-free raw hides and rubber Kong-type toys. Experiment. Have fun. Find what works for you and your dog.

    The author's dog, Dosewallips

    Dosewallips grew a tusk! Actually, he’s showing off his favorite chew (and play) toy, a water buffalo horn.

    A version of this post was originally published on the Mrs. Sizzle website.