Happy Tails

From the first day home to old age and all the things that happen in between, Dr. Kassell has helped her patients live healthy lives and recover from all sorts of conditions. Here are a few tales from patients that have benefited from her holistic care!

SnookiDr.Kassell has helped my family so much with our cat Snooki’s seasonal allergies and abscesses. Snooki kept losing her fur on her stomach from scratching. Dr. Kassell told us that Snooki most likely had allergies. Snooki was given medication to help with her allergies. Fortunately, it did! Later that summer, we found an abscess the size of a golf ball deep in Snooki’s fur. It was deep and infected. Dr. Kassell agreed with us that Snooki was probably attacked by an animal. Dr. Kassell cleaned out the abscess and gave Snooki a shot. She gave Snooki daily check ups to insure that she was feeling better. The abscess healed and her fur grew back. Dr. Kassell has helped Snooki so much in the past year and even to this day she checks up on her. I, along with my family, am grateful to know such a great and caring vet.

—Anthony W.


MontyA few months ago, I ate something yummy and disgusting. I started throwing up and got really restless and anxious. My guardian noticed blood in my poop and in my urine, so she called Dr. Kassell. Whew! Tash listened and gave us two options: go to the (dreaded) veterinary hospital or try a naturopathic approach.  Instead of a round of antibiotics, we followed Dr. Kassell’s recommendation: I gulped down a low dose of Vitamin C and cranberry plus a homeopathic to help calm me. Within a day, I was on the mend, and was peeing and pooping happily as usual. Thank you Dr. Kassell for tuning into what was going on AND for being my favorite vet ever!!

—Esther F. (and Monty)


MouseDr. Kassell is a treasure to our community.  She is a resource to myself for my own pets; my staff, who care for hundreds of cats and dogs; and my clients whose pets need an additional perspective to their Western veterinary care. We would be lost with out her thoughtful, intelligent and incredibly helpful input.  Dr. Kassell has helped me to help my own pets in their battles with chronic diarrhea, arthritis, and even coming through chemotherapy after lymphoma.  She has also helped me to be an additional, holistic resource for my clients, who are often so frustrated and upset that their pets’ health conditions aren’t being resolved through traditional Western medicine.  I love that she is willing to work in conjunction with my Western vet, as a true care team, to help my babies through all of their wellness needs.  An appointment with Dr. K is an investment in your pet’s long life!

—Adina Silberstein, Owner, Queenie’s Pets dog walking & pet sitting


KylaDr. Kassell has helped me so much with my dog Kyla’s allergies. I was looking for an alternative to steroids to help my dog with seasonal allergies and decided to search for a holistic vet. I came across Dr. Kassell’s information and decided to give her a call. She spent a lot of time with us on her first visit to my home, getting to know Kyla’s history and observing her, as well as giving her a medical exam. She put Kyla on a raw diet along with natural supplements that have worked wonders! We made it through this past fall with no steroids, which I am thrilled about. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kassell’s bedside manner with my pup and the fact that she is always a phone call or email away for any questions or concerns. I am so happy I found her!

—Laura T.


zoeDr Kassell is absolutely wonderful! It is so refreshing to have a holistic perspective and a vet whose priority is the health and best interests of your pets. She’s so down to earth and easy to talk to and works with you to formulate a plan to help your pets live a healthier life. She came up with a plan to treat my new pup’s bladder infection so we didn’t have to go the traditional “antibiotic” route. Within a few days I saw marked improvement. No antibiotics needed! Oh, and the home visits are the icing on the cake! I’m so happy for my dogs to have found her and look forward to a long, healthy relationship with Dr Kassell.

—Michelle M.


Mingus PoodleDr. Kassel has helped our standard poodle with so many things: split nails, ear infections, upset stomach, worms, flea and tick control, wound care…you name it, she’s been there! Because of her, we know how to properly bandage a paw (a valuable skill for anyone with an active dog!) and how to successfully treat garden variety ailments with gentle herbs and other alternative treatments.

But most importantly, when Mingus developed a sore that wouldn’t heal she correctly diagnosed it as a type of cancer. She got us in to see a great surgeon right away and checked constantly in throughout the whole process of surgery and recovery. Her attention really reduced our stress (and Mingus’s!). He is 100% healthy now and we are so grateful. Her manner with animals is calm and reassuring. Mingus LOVES to see her! She is our go-to vet and we love the convenience of a house call.

—Tommy and Daria