Holistic veterinary services

House Call servicesPreventive and complementary health care for your pet

Dr. Kassell’s role as health care provider is to guide her clients in making informed decisions about the  their pets’ care at all stages of life.  She finds it immensely rewarding to work as a member of her patients’ health care team.

Dr. Kassell’s services

Dr. Kassell focuses first on preventive health care. With you and your pet, she will design a unique preventive plan that covers

  • Nutrition
  • Vaccinations
  • Flea and tick control
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and love!

If needed, Dr. Kassell can perform lab work such as annual heartworm/Lyme testing, blood work, urinalysis and fecal exams.

In treating sick patients, Dr. Kassell uses nutrition, nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, essentials fatty acids and probiotics), herbs, homeopathy, and Reiki.  At times, she may also recommend other alternative treatments such as acupuncture or chiropractics.  If she feels it is in her patient’s best interest, she may administer subcutaneous fluids or prescribe conventional medications such as antibiotics or steroids. Learn more about alternative treatments here.

House call servicesServices that are referred out

Dr. Kassell asks clients to think of her as they would a naturopathic house call physician.  In the same way that most people who see a naturopathic physician also have a general practitioner, most of Dr. Kassell’s clients also have a “conventional” veterinarian.

She does not:

  • Perform surgeries, dental cleanings, or x-rays
  • Provide acute emergency care

For such services, Dr. Kassell will provide a recommendation for a traditional vet if you do not currently have one.

How can Dr. Kassell help you?

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