Your appointment

Examining a happy lab!Dr. Kassell’s goal is to support you in making the best decisions regarding the healthcare of your pets at all stages of their lives.  She strives to establish unique preventive health care plans for all dogs and cats.  In treating her patients for acute or chronic conditions, her goal is to achieve the same individualized care.

The first visit

Dr. Kassell allows an hour and a half for the first appointment.  During this time, she takes a thorough history, performs a physical exam, and discusses everything from nutrition and vaccinations to parasite control to behavioral issues.  If there are specific health concerns, she addresses those in detail, creating a plan tailored to meet the individualized needs of your pet.

Because much of the time is educational in nature, each additional pet typically requires an additional half hour.  Thus, a two-pet initial appointment is two hours, a three-pet appointment is two and a half hours, etc.

Follow-ups and routine care

For specific conditions, much of the follow-up work following the initial exam can be done over the phone.  That said, Dr. Kassell is available to make repeat house calls whenever necessary!  Dr. Kassell also likes to see her patients in person at least once a year for annual physicals and paw shakes.

A poodle gets his paw checkedFees

Payment is due at the time of the visit. Dr. Kassell accepts cash and personal checks.

House call fees

  • Initial holistic consult, including physical exam (1 and 1/2 hours): $120
  • Follow-up consult and exam: $65
  • Each additional pet: $55
  • House call fee: $75 – $95
  • Travel time of over 1/2 hour (from Mt. Airy): $50

Phone consult fees

  • $30 per 15 minutes (phone consults typically take 15 to 60 minutes)
  • Quick question or check-in (10 minutes or less): no charge

If need be, Dr. Kassell can work on a sliding scale, as she does not wish to deny treatment to any pet based on cost.